• We are young, nerdy, passionate about technology and coffee. We prioritize team happiness, quality of life and work and maintaining a light and collaborative atmosphere.


We value each one’s personality, the diversity of the team, and respect, above all. We encourage constant learning, in your area or outside, so we work with challenging tasks.

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We conduct training and internal learning programs. Experts from different areas are invited to share their knowledge and exchange experiences with our Hitchhikers, contributing to the evolution of the team.

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We reaffirm our commitment to our Hitchhiker's quality of life, comfort, and well-being. We offer life insurance, health insurance, Gympass, meal vouchers, transportation and fuel vouchers, and even transportation per application.

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If you are someone who is excited about the possibilities of the data world and is always thinking of better solutions to everyday problems, QDOIS is your place. Find the ideal opportunity and join us.


I really enjoy working here, as QDOIS provides me, in addition to a healthy work environment, a diverse team, resources and a voice that I know will be heard whenever a problem or new idea arises.

Juliano Ferreira


QDOIS is a flexible, comprehensive company that is always open to listen to its employees and help out when necessary. It has a diverse team, where everyone is looking for new knowledge. In addition, the atmosphere is relaxed, which helps to make work less tiring and more harmonious.

Marcela Beatriz


Being part of this team of Hitchhikers is being able to venture into different challenges every day, and knowing that there is always a Hitchhiker on the side willing to help. Working at QDOIS means constantly learning and having fun while working.

Darley Soares


It is amazing to work at QDOIS! It is a team that embraces you at all times and you know that you can count on anyone at any time, not only for work matters, but also for personal matters; besides, it is guaranteed you’ll have fun while working.

Izabela Martins


I like the fact that I feel more connected to new technologies and the importance of the services we sell in today's world.

Daniel Pessoa


The working environment is great! Everyone really helps each other, and the team is 100% focused on delivery. And yet the atmosphere is super light and relaxed. In addition, I feel aligned with the company's culture and objectives, I trust the solution proposed to customers, and I love being part of it!

Paola Barroso


I am very happy to be part of this family; I do not see QDOIS as a company, even though I see its entrepreneurial side. However, the people who make up this wonderful company make everything lighter. I feel welcomed and always have the feeling that I have found my place. Everyone respects each other and, as far as I know, everyone likes and helps each other to grow in a very constructive way, both professionally and in terms of character.

Danilo Muniz


Being part of the QDOIS team is an incredible experience. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with everyone who worked with me. Regardless of the location, whether in one of the offices I have been or even working from home in this period, the work environment is always very pleasant.

Augusto Macedo


I can say, with no doubt, that I don't see myself leaving the company for another opportunity, even if I was offered 10 times more. The company's culture is reflected in the employees who work there and are still hired today, but in fact this is a culture with its genesis in the founders: the partners of QDOIS have good heads on their shoulders and the success that the institution has achieved is due , first of all, to the way in which the partners manage it and the people they choose to assist them in this process.

Ravi Quast


QDOIS has a culture of well-being and professional growth, but without a competitive atmosphere; everyone wants, seeks and achieves growth, faces challenges, with mutual support, whatever their level of experience; everyone helps each other, and this certainly makes all the difference, makes us want to be here, makes us seek to grow here, and the result of such a good environment is to attract the best professionals, perform the work in the best possible way and achieve the best results for customers; it becomes a series of good things!

Henrique Campos



Submit your resume here and when we have an opportunity that suits you, it will be easier to find you. Meanwhile, follow our social media to get to know QDOIS better.