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The experience we had with QDOIS staff in implementing the Power BI tool for our processes was extremely positive. The QDOIS team is extremely creative, fast and the work is done within the best practices. We were able to successfully deploy an open tool for customers in less than 30 days, which was really amazing. We recommend QDOIS not only internally, but also to many of our customers who were very impressed with the effectiveness of Power BI. I thank everyone in QDOIS staff for the partnership and for their work in understanding our reality and transforming it into a day-to-day tool.

Reynaldo Duarte

Managing Partner - Axion Construções

I discovered QDOIS at a very uncertain moment; I was just taking on the challenge of starting the BI journey of the Sada group. It was a moment to define the technology, architecture, initial roadmap and, as a major challenge, I had to choose the partner to support us. At first, I was skeptical about the new supplier, who entered the selection process very competitively. There were some young guys I didn't know and it all looked like a startup, but I decided to give them a chance. We set out on the journey. I was positively surprised in the first deliveries, not only with the technical quality, but mainly with the commitment and engagement, we quickly became one team. Today, after 8 months of work, it is one of our strategic partners, we have already come a long way and there is still a lot to build. Whenever I propose a new challenge, they are ready to support and deliver fast.

Ricardo Mendes 

IT Manager - Grupo SADA

The QDOIS team amazed us since its first delivery, always doing a great job, with a lot of commitment, professionalism and dedication, always seeking to understand our needs as a whole and outperforming in each delivery.

Lucio Kenji Naka

IT Intern - Siegen

The work carried out by QDOIS is of extreme competence. The way of working for the alignment and construction of indicators has been effective for a good visualization of what will be built, and the final result presented has been highly praised by managers.

Eduardo Oliveira

Projects and Business Processes - Anhembi

‘Delighted’ is the word after the partnership with QDOIS. In addition to the technical quality of the professionals and the services provided, their empathy, kindness and availability for alignments were crucial for the successful development of the Innovation Project Management Platform at MRV. We were given solutions that allowed the customization of a management tool, in line with the PMI precepts and fast at the same time. In addition to integrated and online management, we have the history and security of project information, as well as flows of automatic notifications and approvals. I am grateful for the dedication of everybody in QDOIS who is directly or indirectly responsible for this successful partnership.

Raquel Capilupi

Innovation and R&D - MRV