Faced with the worsening of the Coronavirus situation in the world, the IT management of one of our clients, Grupo SADA, demanded a mission. Through data analysis, help them monitor the evolution of the virus in Brazil and keep their employees safe. “Ricardo Mendes, IT Manager, called us at the end of Thursday with this idea, and soon we already embraced the request. It’s the kind of mission that we love. Monday morning, the dashboards were already available.” Marcelo Sarmento – QDOIS CEO. To understand, Grupo SADA has more than 7000 employees, spread across 56 locations in Brazil.

How to be agile and assertive in decision making? Having accessible and organized information in order to facilitate analysis

Our Solution

Using Power BI, we created heat maps. This allowed SADA to follow the evolution of the virus, exactly in the locations where they have employees allocated.

To monitor potential cases, identify risk groups and better educate employees, the company understood that a focus group was employees who went on and off on vacation. For this, we created a dashboard with an overview of employees who were on vacation or would enter the next 30 days. All of this organized by age groups and eminence of accompaniment. 

Continuing the action, SADA’s HR contacted these employees to obtain information regarding travel, destination and a checklist of symptoms. The data were collected via an application developed in Power Apps, which was embedded within a Power BI report.

A digital form was also made available, so that other employees could register any symptoms presented and could be followed up. Another important resource, designed by Ricardo Mendes, increased the work of communication and data collection – the Sara robot, the SADA chatbot, strengthened the team by answering employees’ questions and generating data for the BI system. 

Armed with all this information, the HR and occupational medicine teams are daily acting proactively in a movement coordinated by real data. In practice, this makes it possible to anticipate risks and foresee more assertive measures to preserve the health of people and the business. All these initiatives were only executable because SADA, in addition to being a company sensitive to the importance of data analytics for the digital transformation of the business, is already at an advanced level in the journey of maturity of its data. In moments like the one we are experiencing, this is decisive for decision making and building paths.